How to watch Cartoons for free! (with pictures

This tutorial teaches you that how can watch cartoons for absolutely free with a supported version of browser on any device (Mini browsers like Opera Mini or UC mini are probably not going to work).

First go to & this should appear in front of you Now at the up right corner there is a search bar. Just search whatever you wanna watch there like a wanna watch Spongebob Sqarepants.

Just press enter & this should appear in front of you.

Then just select whatever you wanna watch.

Scroll down

And there you are! That’s how you can watch cartoons for free on any device!

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Peace Youth Assembly

Peace Youth Assembly

You can do something:

Every child deserves the opportunity to grow up healthy and safe, and we should have no greater responsibility than the protection of our children against abuse and victimization. Abuse makes victims of all of us; but for a child, especially, it steals the blessing of innocence, replacing it with fear and hurt that can damage young lives and take a lifetime from which to recover.

Education Material Shortage:

Children are facing many problems including Social, Psycological and Health issues.The school-age years are a period of tremendous social and emotional growth for your child. Child experiences a lot of new social situations as he enters school, joins out-of-school activities, and meets a wider circle of people. In her expanded world, she must develop strategies for dealing with occasional social difficulties.

Activities Information:

we have organized an Activity at Children Planet in which after providing the children Psychological first Aid, a drawing competition and different Creative activities were organized to build up self confidence. Following these activities a special counseling program was organized. The basic aim was to promote peace culture in their livin

About peace Youth Assembly

Peace Youth Assembly is an International youth and Social Development Organization that wants to target the youth and to motivate them to adopt a positive and constructive approach and mobilize their creative energies to serve their country, to work for promotion of Human Rights, Social Justice, Social Peace, Stability and Public Order. The older generation as the responsibility to inspire and to motivate the youth and to guide them to accept the challenge of peace, social justice, economic development and protection of Human Rights. We believe in the idea of open societies where everyone, including NGOs and other civil society organisations, can exist and speak freely.